PPR- Select 2 Players Week 11

Currently getting slaughtered due to point systems for NE defense that almost has 40 points.
So I need all the help I can get.

Rashad Bateman vs Chicago (I’m starting Mark Andrews)
Hunter Renfrow vs Cincinnati
Deandre Hopkins vs Seattle (if he finally plays)

*throwing the rest of these in for the hell of it to make it interesting
Kadarius Toney, Kenny Holladay, Sterling Shephard (all are available they play Tampa)
Pat Freiermuth vs Chargers (leaning away because of Rothlesberger)
D’Onta Freeman vs Houston

It looks like Hopkins will miss another week (although you should start him if he plays). So that answers your question: Start Renfrow and Bateman.

I wouldn’t touch any Giants at this point, as they seem to be a walking MASH unit.

If Shephard does not play, and you feel like you need to shoot for the moon. Toney/Bateman may get you 10 points total or 50 points combined…

Safe is Renfrow and Bateman, 25 point floor - 32 point ceiling.

What is the Defense scoring system? I think NED has 28 in our league.

They have 35 points with tackles for loss, td, sacks and interceptions, 4th down stop and shutout. He also has IDP with Dugger getting 9.