Rank Kickers Rest Of Season

Rank these Kickers Rest of Season (listed alphabetically below):
Randy Bullock, Daniel Carlson, Younghoe Koo, Brandon McManus, Ryan Succop

Should I drop Younghoe Koo for any of the other four kickers?

Bullock has the best ROS schedule until including week 14, plus second best schedule in weeks 15-17, for the fantasy playoffs. Doesn’t play for the most high-powered offense, though.

Succop does, but his week 12-14 schedule doesn’t look appealing.

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At this point of the season, I run with which kicker usually has shown the best average to-date. This points to Bullock.

However, I know what Koo is capable of. If the Falcons can get him into FG range, he WILL score. But the Falcons without Ridley? Who knows?

That said, Bullock is even questionable without Henry in the offense.

That leaves Carlson as a good bet. The Raiders fail to get into the end zone enough to give him chances, and he is good enough to take advantage. I keep him on my dynasty team for that reason.

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I like Bullock or Carlson, Succop ranked 3 for me

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This is an update to my previous question because Greg Zuerlein is now available:

Rank these Kickers Rest of Season (listed alphabetically below):
Randy Bullock, Daniel Carlson, Younghoe Koo, Ryan Succop, Greg Zuerlein

The Fantasy Pros ROS Rankings are Zuerlein (4), Carlson (7), Succop (9), Koo (10) an Bullock (12) which is interesting because Bullock has the easiest schedule and Week 15-17 playoff schedule.

Should I drop Younghoe Koo for any of the other four kickers?

Top 5 kickers by average, YTD:

  1. Tyler Bass (BUF)
  2. Nick Folk (NE)
  3. Greg Joseph (MIN)
  4. Randy Bullock (TEN)
  5. Zane Gonzalez (CAR)

I’d drop Koo for Bullock at this point. Tennessee is playing some seriously good football right now, but not so good they convert in the red zone all the time. Bullock has converted 16 field goals beyond 30 yards, although only one beyond 50.

As for Koo, Atlanta’s offense runs very hot or very cold. Not sure what to expect from week to week, so dropping him is fine at this point. But Koo is an outstanding kicker, so it would be good to keep an eye on his situation going forward.

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Status Update: I still have Younghoe Koo and I picked up Randy Bullock based on the previous advice given in this message.

I intend to drop Koo because he has the lowest season average points and the Falcons are so bad and erratic. Matt Ryan gets intercepted every time they get anywhere close to field goal range. Koo had 0.00 points in Week 11.

I intend to keep Bullock becasue he has the easiest ROS schedule, but question whether this is ideal because the Titans offense is struggling due to RB and WR injuries. The Titans lost to the lowly Texans and Bullock only had 1.00 points. Should I hold onto Bullock or drop him for another kicker?

Zuerlein’s ROS schedule is ok. Carlson’s and Succop’s ROS schedule are challenging.

The following kickers are available on the Yahoo waiver wire (listed in order of Yahoo Season Average Points and with the Fantasy Pros ROS Rankings):

Zane Gonzalez (CAR) (9.00) [Fantasy Pros #24]
Evan McPherson (CIN) (8.90) [Fantasy Pros ROS #17]
Dustin Hopkins (LAC) (8.90) [Fantast Pros ROS #21]
Randy Bullock (TEN) (8.80) [Fantasy Pros ROS #22] (Why is he rated so low?)
Daniel Carlson (LV) (8.70) [Fantasy Pros ROS #7]
Greg Zuerlein (DAL) (8.67) [Fantasy Pros ROS #3]
Jake Elliot (PHL) (8.54) [Fantasy Pros ROS #25]
Brandon McManus (DEN) (8.00) [Fantasy Pros ROS #12]
Ryan Succop (TB) (7.90) [Fantasy Pros ROS #6]
Younghoe Koo (ATL) (6.8) [Fantasy Pros #8] (Why is he rated so high?)

What do you think?

I think you already have the best K available. Run with Bullock for now.

The only one I might be tempted by here would be Cincy’s K McPherson. He has 6 FG’s beyond 50 yards, although not nearly as many closer as top K’s have. His only issue is he had 3 of them against the Raiders last week. One week fluke? If he has another big week this week, he might be one to get.

As for Koo, he is rated high because he is an outstanding kicker. His problem is he’s stuck on a bad team. If Ridley comes back before the end of the season, Koo could be worth a lot more.

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True. I hold on to Koo in one of my dynasty leagues, as the season is over for me anyway, and I just hope the Falcons will be in better shape next year.

But in redraft formats, Koo is droppable.