Jameson vs Quentin

Who will have the break out game first? . Jameson had his shot and blew it bad. Johnston seems to be in the same boat.
Who would you rather have at this point moving forward?

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Johnston is more of an alpha WR, and Jameson is more of a deep threat. Both are valuable. I personally prefer alpha WR’s, although you occasionally get deep threats like Tyreek Hill. But based on his early career, I’m not betting on Jameson being another Tyreek.

Give me Johnston.

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Punt or need another option. :slight_smile:

Well my trade didn’t go through in time so Jameson will be lining up in the open WR spot for the time being At least there’s not much at stake besides my chances of getting into the playoffs. Hahahaa

FWIW Jameson as a senior at Bama played 15 games. He had 79 catches from screens to bombs for a bit over 100 yds per game and just under a 20 yds per catch average and 15 TDs. That is as alpha+ as it gets and with speed.

That was the player I knew, not the go long a few times a game from the Lions coaches.

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And Tyson Bagent threw for more passing yards and TD’s than any QB in FBS history. Why isn’t he starting for the Bears? Ah yes, he was Division 2…

That doesn’t mean Jameson is a div II WR, just that it’s hard to determine upside/downside until a player play int0 theNFL

True but he projected as a high Alpha where as Hill did not.

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Watching the Lions tonight, they are throwing to Amon every other play, without much from Jameson. Jameson is no alpha.

Not now but has the talent to be. We shall see by next year.

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I just don’t see Jameson passing Amon on this team.

He does not have to, just co-exist as sooo many have done. Lions are the problem for me.

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