Dynasty Player Choice & Break Out Info

10 team, half ppr. Which player do you want to get and keep?

Najee Harris

Jameson Williams

Jayden Daniels

All offer different things to a top contending team.

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I traded a 2025 1st for Richardson eliminating Daniels and can maybe hold on to the other two.

Harris has a new OC in Arthur Smith giving more touches. has an improved OL, ran vs a stacked D (8+defenders almost 40%) which will change with a QB, lost some weight and is playing for a contract.

I watched of Jameson in college and his talent is as good as it gets. Horrible luck and dumb moves first two years.

Outside competition for targets is gone and HC Cambell calls hi “a man on a mission.” Many other analyst now like him as a break out this year as well.

I like Najee if you are looking to win this year. Long term, I lean towards Daniels. Just not sold on Williams. I think Williams will be good, but not great. A Mike Williams type.

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Jameson does have a lot of target competition but is only 23. I can see him raising his game to a WR 25 range.

I don’t see Detroit exercising his 5th year option and could well end up a FA in 2026, giving him a dynasty upside.

I worked it our where they will take my last two roster spots.