1 qb 12 team dynasty rookie draft

Looking at Jalen Hurts for pick 17. Y or N?

Personally, I wouldn’t trade for Jalen Hurts. Looking at how his game play degraded over the four games doesn’t give me hope. I think people are falling into the same trap they did with Drew Lock a few years ago and it could bite you

That’s GREAT NEWS. I just traded Hurts LOL!! Thanks

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It looks like I’m a little late to post this but… don’t sleep on Hurts, great o-line, underrated run game, good young recover core, and ‘cheat code’ running ability. Potential to be a dynasty stud.

Hurts is great kid & athlete but he’s not a QB he’s running back playing QB like I have said to people who prefer hurts to Tua @ Alabama watch them throw the football Tua would just let it rip Hurts looks like he’s aiming when he throws the football!

The concern/risk with Hurts is whether he’s even going to be the guy beyond 2021. It makes it difficult to invest much given that the Eagles could easily be in the market for a new QB in 2022. And they have plenty of draft capital to make a switch if needed.