Recreating my Roster as of beginning of season

Does anyone have a way for me to recreate my roster as it was at a certain point in the season. Their were certain trades that I did/did not take that I would like to recreate to see how my team would have turned out? Alternatively, is there a way to just like have a roster you input ranked? Like i can manually enter what the trades would be but want a grading to see how it stacks up to what I have now. Does anyone have any tricks/tips on how to do this?

If you just want your roster ranked, I’ll give it a 7 and you can move on.

Hahaha thanks… It’s not so much that I want my roster ranked as my roster stands at this point in time. I’m more so interested in the ranking/grading of the roster I could have had, should I have made certain trades over others. That way I can understand where I messed up in choosing certain trades over others. I’m trying to find a way to quantify the potential of missed opportunities I have had

My advice is don’t bother. Bottom line is you can’t go back and every team in the league has dozens of what ifs they can play out.

It’s all luck anyway and it doesn’t mean you made any mistakes you can learn from because the variables each week are so great it’s just a waste of time.