Yahoo's mysterious "O rank"

I’ve been trying to figure out Yahoo’s “O rank”. You can find it next to their “actual” rank. The rankings are completely different. The “actual rank” lists the players by expected points for the coming season (1 to whatever). You can click on it and see everyone from best to worst. Okay-fine. The “O rank” mysteriously, is not an active link. I’ve found that it is used when you draft your team. If you don’t nominate a player and it’s your turn to do so, Yahoo picks the next player on it’s “O rank” list and the bidding begins. I’ve found that their list does not coincide with the actual rank. Can it be that my custom league point settings are ignored on purpose so that Yahoo’s O rank corresponds to their default point settings?
So. . . I’ve found that you can use the O rank to locate a few great players in the later parts of the auction draft at say, 75 or 110 who have higher expected points than earlier listed players, and you claim them at a nice discount since a lot of managers blow their budgets on 4 or 5 players early.
Does anyone have any thoughts about Yahoo’s O rank? Have a great year.
Is there a reason Yahoo does this?

I have always wondered what the “O Rank” was and how they calculated it! They probably need some sort of preseason value for every player so they can do their draft analysis and projected standings. Also, I assume they use this for their trade and waiver tools as well.