Feeling a Bit Lost?

I am. After all the commotion of putting leagues together and endless draft research, my 5 rosters are complete, with starting line ups and waiver picks.

What now?

Watching the games this week is gonna be somewhat anti-climatic as it will take about a dozen of them to know if the time and effort spent produced results.
There is waivers but that will take a few weeks to kick in.

GODDAMNIT!!! Guess I’m gonna have to actually do something constructive in real life. LOL

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If you’re really anxious, post some of your matchups, and I’ll tell you the results now so you don’t have to wait.


First, go through all your rosters and see who to start. I do this by looking at the projected points for all players, and see if I have somebody who is too low. Then I try to figure out why, and also see if there is a better starter on my bench. Remember, with flex positions, you can move nearly any starter there that fits the flex format, and replace him with a player from another position who is projected to score more. But again, figure out both the “why is this guy low” and why is this guy higher". Sometimes you go with the lower guy just because (are you sitting for this?) SOMETIMES THE EXPERTS ARE WRONG! I know, shocking, right?

One thing I learned many years ago: Whether the analysts are stock analysts or fantasy football analysts, they make more money by sounding confident than actually knowing anything you can’t discover with a search engine.

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I do that Sat. when all the info is in to do it once.

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