Really tough decision

So I own, J Taylor, McCaffrey, B Hall and Rhamondre. I can start 2 this week. I think Taylor is still out. I want to choose McCaffrey but the rams D isn’t exactly terrible. I’m thinking of going with Hall and Stevenson. I’d love to get your input. I’m still pretty new to this stuff.

The Rams D was good against the run so far, but vulnerable against the pass. If you see CMC primarily as an RB, yes, he’s the one to sit here. But he saw 9 targets in week 4 and 12 targets last week.

In PPR, I’d start CMC and Hall.
In standard scoring, Stevenson and Hall. Though CMC is still an option even then, thanks to his TD upside.

This league is a slightly different type of scoring league. Receptions after 3 count for points. Yardage after 75 starts counting as well. TDs of course always count.

Okay, that is a highly relevant information for a start/sit decision, of course. I’m assuming the 75 yard threshold applies to all-purpose yards, not to rushing and receiving separately?

CMC is a must-start then. He’s the only RB who’s guaranteed to see more than 3 receptions, and should see 100+ all purpose yards.

Hall is the riskiest of the bunch. Neither his reception count nor his yardage total is guaranteed to get above the treshold, and he doesn’t have a TD guarantee, either. The Packers D did a pretty good job keeping oppsing RBs out of their end zone so far.

Stevenson should see 100+ rushing yards, if he has the backfield all to himself, but may not clear the reception threshold. If Taylor is active, I’d consider starting him over Stevenson, especially if Nyheim Hines will be out.

Thank you very much for the input. I do greatly appreciate it.

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I guess it depends on your matchup. If think you need to score a lot of points to beat your opponent, then you seek max upside. Thats Stevenson and Hall in my opinion. However, with the scoring format your league has, I think the advice ZakHH gave is what i would go with. CMC and Stevenson are who I would start.