Gah, who would you be sitting in this situation?

So hear me out.

My lineup keeps filling up with injuries.

That being said, yes. I lost Achane.

I have Stroud QB starting with Nico Collins as my Flex. ( Going for the stack )
I want to give up on Stevenson.
However, I told myself I wouldn’t sit him and I’ll give him until week 8 to show production, I am going to rock with him until week 8.

If he is still by then not being productive, I am going to sit him moving forward or trade him as part of a package deal.

I Have Mattison as well starting at RB due to losing Chubb.
But, I have choices from the waiver Wire in which I landed Wilson Jr. and Emari Demarcado.

Should I start Wilson Jr or Emari over Mattison?
Or go as far as starting both of them over both the starting RBs?
Now, I may be overthinking this, but I can also sit Nico because of the match-up against the Saints.
*Then I can start Mattison- Cause of his matchup. Stevenson, for the matchup and high hopes of turning it up. Instead of Collins, I can chase the ceiling put Wilson at Flex, or even Demarcado. *
However, since Dell is out, Nicco will have lots of production.

Full PPR 10 Team League.

So Far, I have- Stroud, Stevenson, Mattison, Chase, Puka, Ertz, Collins, Ravens, and Tucker.

Tank Dell will be out, so in a full PPR league, Nico has to be in your lineup.

With Jefferson out, Mattison could get more touches, so I would definitely start him, too.

And as bad as Stevenson has been, I’m not sure I’d start either Wilson or Demercado over him in their first games as starters–but as bad as Stevenson has been, it wouldn’t be insane to give Demercado the nod and hope.

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You’re so right on the Stevenson call. Im stuck because I have been hearing that if you have Stevenson, people would be benching him or trading away or people should be trying to buy low in high hopes things change. Knowing Belicheck he will be making changes. But when? Is my question.
Raiders Run D aint the best either. Right?
Demarcado ended with 16 points in the full PPR league I am in when he took over, that aint to bad. However, it is his actual first start.
Miami being hot-handed and running heavy, screams to me but. . . Wilson has been out due to injury, the only way I may start Wilson over any of them is if no other backs would be starting with him. Like if he would be in Foreman’s situation.