RB vs WR Values

In a league where the RB position is awarded double points for Receiving TD’s. When drafting … is McCaffrey or Eckler more valuable than Jefferson or Chase?

Absolutely. If McCaffrey had double points for receiving TDs last year, he’d have scored more than every player in fantasy other than Mahomes and Allen.

Depends on what the league stat mods look like. People have some crazy stuff going on like 4 pts for T.D’s vs 6, for some but not other positions. This can also imbalance yardage contribution so many will tweek their leagues to what ever they think balances - while many others have no idea what their points awarded standings are - so their leagues are top heavy at certain positions, while making another position (or two) barely worth drafting (or trading).

My league - for example - awards K 3pts for 0 - 29 yrd FG, 4pts for 30 - 39, 5pts for 40 - 49 and 6pts for 50+. This not only makes the big legs, who also take more big shots, more valuable, but last year the leagues top 2-3 K made it into the top 130 - 140 players in total scoring, in a league that can carry 200 total units on everyone’s roster (not counting IR). The league has 12 starting spots.

While 4 of the leagues top defenses made it into the top 80 - 90 point getting units.

Thanks for your reply. Yep! McCaffrey and Eckler finished in the top 10 ahead of Jefferson. I have the 6th pick. Project the Top 4 QB’s and Top RB will go before my turn. I’m taking Eckler if that proejction holds true.

Thanks for your reply. In this PPR league, the scoring for RBs is set as

  • Rush TD - 6pts (1 to 9 yds) 9pts (10 - 39yds) 12 pts (40+ yds)

  • Receiving TD - 12pts (1 to 9 yds) 18pts (10 - 39yds) 24 pts (40+ yds)

I believe in this setup McCaffrey and Eckler will outperform Jefferson and Chase.

You don’t have to “believe”. Just go to the leagues free agency pool and put in order all of the point getters for last year. They will be ordered by whatever the current leagues point settings are. This is a generalized picture of what you will end up with at seasons end.