RB decisions Week 4

Which two out of these 4 would you start: Dillon, Stevenson, James Robinson or Penny?

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I’m going Dillon and Robinson.

Robinson has proven that he is a top option on a rising offense

Look for Dillon to have a big game. Old Bill always tries to shut down the best players of opposing teams (Rodgers and Jones).

Stevenson is an interesting play considering NE will be down most of the game. But if I had to bet the mortage on a TD, Im going DIllion over Stevenson


James Robinson and Rashaad Penny.

Stevenson took over more than half the snaps and most receiving last week. Look for him to do the same vs the pack. Dillon is the best of the rest.

Interested to know my Penny over Dillon and Stevenson

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I can’t see not starting James Robinson but if you had a choice to start 3 RBs or my third WR would be Juju Schuster, would you start those 3 RBs?

I was responding under the assumption that you wanted to score the most points.

I was asking under the assumption you’d give me a reason why you thought he would score more. Where’s the analysis? Anyone can just choose a name. The idea is to convince me why I should start Penny over the other two.

If you’re not convinced by the fact that it’s Axe Elf’s advice, there’s no stronger evidence to be presented.

You axed who you should start. Axe Elf told you. End of story.

First rule of this forum: Never take AxeElf’s advice on ANYTHING! He is a troll that just happens to post here. He is like a bad parent, whose reason for everything is “because I said so”.