Which RB will u start

Hello guys . Need a win so bad! Who would u start this week

R Stevenson vs jets
Freeman vs Bengals
R penny vs Saints
M Gaskin vs Atlanta

Standard league . Pick one

Pick one of these WR also

D smith at LV
Mooney at packs
R Anderson at Giants

Good luck u all this sunday

Penny on a gut call and then D. Smith at WR

In standard league I’d go Freeman as I think he has the best shot at a TD. D.Smith has the safest floor of your WR’s.

I agree with the Freeman and Smith call.

Freeman isn’t good but he’s the best in that backfield of the guys the coaches are actually willing to use this week, with Murray out, and they will definitely run. It could be a Gaskin game this week but his floor is basically zero and there is no clear pecking order in Miami so you just have to avoid no matter how tempting.

Smith is the clear #1 in an offense that wants to throw. Exclusively. Whether it makes any sense or not. I’d love to call it as Mooney, but Nagy will probably try to run 50 times straight into Tampa’s front, making his WRs just too risky.