Penny or Dillon (PPR)?

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Need help for my RB2, start Penny vs Denver or Dillon vs MIN?

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Penny pretty much has the job to himself, and he’s healthy for once–when you see a chance, take it. And Dillon isn’t the first guy I’d think of for a full PPR league, either.

id go AJ. the rest of this is to complete 20 characters !!

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Welcome back!

Dillon is one of those RB’s whom I consider woefully underrated because he is sharing time with Aaron Jones. I fully expect the Packers to run the ball more this year. Also, Dillon is a solid receiver out of the backfield, which adds to his value in PPR.

On the other hand, we all know Penny is an injury waiting to happen. BUT, when he plays, he is golden. If he is starting and he is healthy, you have to start him.

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