Rank my Teams, Team 1, Team 2

12 Team, Half PPR

Team 1
QB: Prescott
RB: Taylor, Jacobs, Sanders, Dillion, Gainwell, Eno Benjamin, Jamaal Williams
TE: Kelce
WR: Pittman, DJ Moore, Thielen, St Brown, Hardman, Parker

Team 2
QB: Rodgers
RB: Taylor, Dillion, Stevenson, Henderson, Gainwell, Foreman, Michel
TE: Andrews
WR: AJ Brown, D. Johnson, E. Moore,London, MVS, Tolbert, Gallup

Both teams look solid and well-rounded. Slight weakness on the RB2 position, but each team has several players that should be able to work in that role.

Team 2 could be lacking a WR1, in case Hurts continues to struggle as a passer.

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Both teams are terrible and neither will make the playoffs in their current form. If you din’t have Taylor on both teams, they’d be good candidates to finish last. St. Brown might help redeem Team 1, but too little, too late in my opinion.

Hopefully this will teach you to address RBs and WRs in the first few rounds in the future, and not waste time on TEs until at least Round seven or eight.

Better luck next year!

Trolling hard Axey Boy ? Make sure to get your vitamins and insulin dose before you step out of the house today. Cheers!


Always a good look to make fun of someone’s health issues.

It was a reminder, not an insult.