First Keeper League Question

Work Rec League but about 5 of us take it seriously.

Commish decided to make it a keeper league this week which I am fine with.

We are a SuperFlex so these are my keeper questions.

Josh Allen and lose my 1st rounder

Trey McBride and lose my 15th

Kyler Murray and lose my 15th

I am thinking Murray in a super?

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Sounds like a half assesd keeper waiting for disaster to happen.
Stick to redraft. JMO

Yeah it’s tough because half the league doesn’t really care, but honestly they are friends and it keeps us occupied August-January so I just roll with it.

I was actually a no initially on keeper but enough people said yes I said whatever.

Allen is the only lock I see.

The Cardinals may be drafting Murray’s replacement. With the upheaval likely to be happening in Arizona, it’s hard to say what value McBride may have. By the time of the draft, you should have a much clearer view on both of these players.

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How many keepers do you have in your league? Where do you pick in the draft? When do you draft? If you don’t draft until just before next season starts, as I suspect, then this isn’t a question that needs to be answered right now. Depending upon what the Cardinals do with Kyler, you might want to keep him if you get more than one keeper. However, it sounds as if you only get one keeper, in which case, If you pick first, then it depends on what the Cardinals decide to do with Kyler. If they give him an extension, keep him and draft Allen. If they don’t extend him, keep McBride and draft Allen.

BUT! If you don’t pick first (or maybe second-third, depending upon who else is already kept), then the slam dunk is to keep Allen. He’s Fantasy QB1, which is HUGE in a SuperFlex league.