QB week 11 dilemma

I have Kyler Murray and AZ plays 4:25 pm EST…they say game time decision. I also have Tua v/s Jets and they play 1 pm EST…

I am a little concerned playing Kyler…leaning Tua…


Yeah, Im benching Murray too. I’m worried he won’t be as effective if his ankle restricts his movements at all. Hopkins is out. He may not be needed to do much as Conner will likely run all over my poor Seahawks. :frowning:

And Tua isn’t a bad streaming option.

I hate it when that happens. But it’s usually wise to err on the side of caution. Which, in this case, means: start Tua. He’s got a good matchup, nothing wrong with starting him.

Rough season man. I’m a Cheesehead, but have a very soft spot for the Seahawks, and Seattle in general. First city I ever visited in the US, many moons ago.

Actually, I just realize I’m wearing my white Seahawks “NFL 100” hoodie as I write this. Bought it in Seattle 2 years ago, when I flew into town over the weekend for the home game against the Ravens. Good times…

yeah Tua seems like the right choice…thanks!

Just couldn’t overcome missing talent. It was a problem when the year began and got worse with each game. I’ve been a Seahawks fan since day one so I’ve seen worse.

I grew up in the area, still have family there. Will probably move back after this last winter in Alaska… I’m not much for big cities, but I do enjoy my visits to Seattle. Looking forward to doing it more often.

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Tua seems the play for me, seems right.