QB/RB Trade Sawp

In a non PPR I have Herbert Henderson Jr and Sony.

Should I trade Herbert, Henderson Jr and Sony for Hurts and Gibson?

Tired of having that top 5 RB cluttering up your roster when you could replace him with the RB30 instead, huh?

Sounds like a plan.

DHJ just got a rib injury.

Fantasy Pros has Gibson ROS RB11 and DHJ ROS RB 18

Whos top 5 and whos RB30, please elaborate

Henderson is the RB5 and Gibson is currently tied for RB29–so essentially tied for RB30 as well.

Ranking RB’s on 2 weeks stats is pointless. How do you rank them long term?

Henderson and Gibson are a wash to me.

So it comes down to Herbert and Sony for Hurts. Forget it. That’s insane. Herbert is already a superior QB to Hurts, plus you have Sony. Walk away from this deal.

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How do you rank them now if you don’t use their current stats?

You let your preseason rankings be influenced by the results, but you don’t throw out the preseason rankings unless the results are vastly different that what you expected.

For example, if Aaron Rodgers had a bad game against the Lions last night, you would naturally toss out your preseason ranking of him, because clearly he wouldn’t have been what we expected. However, since he did win, and put up a great game, we keep him where he is, in spite of the week one flub.

I’m not interested in guesswork and adjusting for inflation in a bullish economy–I’m just reporting how they are ranked based on their production so far–using their current stats.

And what happens when you have a player who is underperforming due to utilization? A player who gets better as the season progresses? Or a player who blows up due to favorable early season matches, but then slowly starts to show his true colors as the season wears on?

You need an innate sense of who is good and who is bad, regardless of what numbers tell you. Aaron Rodgers had a bad week 1. If you tossed him out because of that, you’d have missed a great week 2.