A. Gibson Trade, Who Wins?

I am deep at WR and I am interested in shoring up my RB depth with at least one more RB1/RB2.

12 team 1/2 PPR league QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, Flex. My Starters are as follows.

Dak, Ridley, M. Williams, Swift, Harris, Kelce, OBJ - I also have Pittman, Sutton and Diontae Johnson, Sony Michel, James Connor and Marlon Mack on my bench.

Assuming Gibson is healthy, I already have the Gibson owner agreeing to do a trade for Ridley + Sony Michel. This would also free up a roster spot so that I have some flexibility once bye weeks hit.

Do you guys think I am offering too much, getting a good deal? Would love for people to weigh in, again, this ASSUMES Gibson is healthy, I am not going to pull the trigger unless he is.


I am not sure you should be killing your WR depth to get an RB. Assuming you make this deal, you’ll need to get somebody off waivers to fill the spot once held by Ridley. Who’s available?