Prospect WR Devon Allen

For those of you in deep dynasty leagues, here is an intriguing grab and stash prospect:

Granted, Devon Allen is a 4th-string WR on the Eagles depth chart right now. But with world class speed, and some college experience, this guy has some potential. If he doesn’t bust, you could get a few years out of him.

The article mentions the old 49ers experiment with Renaldo Nehemiah. The problem with Nehemiah was that, even though he had blazing speed, he had bricks for hands. At least Allen showed in college that he could catch a football, so he has one step up on Nehemiah already.

He missed the 110m hurdles world record by 0.04 seconds last week, which immediately earned him a spot on my watch list. If there will any signs of him being involved in the Eagles offense, I will be tempted to stash him.

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