Elite running backs

Is saqoun barkely still an elite running back?

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Define your use of the word “elite.”

No. He could possibly return to an elite status if he was with a better team, but he is wasted on the Giants, where defenses can concentrate on him.

With a QB statistically equal to Josh Allen over his first 38 games, this is kind of like saying that Devin Singletary will never be elite as long as defenses can focus on the Bills’ running game.

For someone who repeatedly voiced his disdain for analysts, you are surprisingly quick to adapt their narrative.

Yes, there are some striking similarities in some stats of Allen’s and Jones’ first 38 games (38, btw, because that’s how many Jones had so far).

But last I checked, this is a fantasy forum. And those advocating how Jones is basically Allen’s long lost twin brother conveniently ignore the one statistic that should be the most important for fantasy managers, because it’s the only one that actually counts:

Total FFP in their first 38 games:
Josh Allen: 834.2
Daniel Jones: 671.0

And I’m fairly sure that, if we compare the stats of the teams’ top RB, WR and TE in the same time window (which is 2018 to week 9 2020 for Allen, and 2019-2021 for Jones), they will paint a similar picture.

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For someone who repeatedly voiced his disdain for analysts, you are surprisingly quick to adapt their narrative.

That’s his Modus Operandi. He loves to throw out all of these statistics. Makes him look all high and mighty, but he definitely does tend to forget the most important part which is that this is “fantasy” football. It’s not real football. Any positional player can be good for fantasy while being mediocre at their position. You can even have some “elite” players at their position, but they could very well not be the greatest player for fantasy football.

Garbage time points are a thing, and for good reason.

That’s because you also earn fantasy points for rushing, which Allen did more of in his first 38 games than Jones did.

I was referring to them being statistically equal in passing statistics, since you were saying that opposing defenses could key on Barkley–the implication being that the Giants didn’t have a good enough PASSING QB to make defenses respect the passing game. If Jones was as prolific in the running game as Allen is, that would probably HURT Barkley’s chances some.

Ironically, Jones’ rushing shares aren’t a lot behind Allen’s.

2021 shares of the team volume in the games they played:

Category Allen Jones
Rush Attempts 26.5% 22.9%
Rushing Yards 34.5% 27.3%
Rushing TDs 30.0% 38.6%

It’s just that the team volume was very low for the Giants. They ranked #24 in the NFL in terms of rushing yards, and #31 in terms of rushing TDs. Buffalo was #6 and #7 in those categories.

The Giants as a team would have to make a gigantic step forward for Saquon to become a top 6 RB. I bumped their team volume up by 25%, gave Saquon a 65% share on the ground and 15% through the air, and he’s still only the #12 RB in my PPR rankings.

Yeah, that’s what I was going to say; their percentages may be close, but during that time the Giants were not running as much–and also Barkley was out for one of those years, so Jones picked up some slack for the ground game. Easy to see why Allen’s fantasy points were higher than Jones even though their passing stats were approximately even–it’s because of his rushing points.

This is why projections are so limited in their usefulness.

Who’s the elite WR added by the Giants? Kadarius Toney? Won’dale? I’m not seeing any Diggs level talent in the Giants WR room. Your comparison to Josh Allen is like most of your arguments, based on nothing more than your own ego. Try comparing apples to apples next time.

I don’t believe I have claimed that the Giants added an elite WR.

Axually, it’s based on comparing Daniel Jones’ stats with Josh Allen’s stats through their first 38 games.

No you didn’t, because you never figured out that Diggs is what made Allen and the Bills offense work. Before that, Allen was a borderline bust, much like Jalen Hurts last season.

Could Jones be as good as Allen? Sure, if you give him a true alpha WR, instead of gadget players like Toney, or short speedsters like Wan’Dale. It takes a team, and the Giants don’t have that last piece.

Statistically, Jones IS as good as Allen, through their first 38 games.

Yes, but he still doesn’t have that last piece, the alpha WR. Until then, he is doomed for failure.