PPR vs Standard Scoring Debate

“The Times They Are A Changing.”

Based on current info PPR has overtaken standard scoring as the #1 fantasy choice. This has created some friction with managers who have mixed views on this issue.

No one can dispute that the NFL is a passing league and that is because it is what fans want. Also, RB injuries have decided many a title and left managers with nowhere to go for help. Waiver wire for a starting RB late season? Better odds on lotto.

PPR does help that problem with bringing new players into the mix but, the cost?
Many a fan recall the “days of old” with “Smash Mouth” football and RB’s like Jim Brown and many others. They don’t want to loose that history and those memories.

The new kids on the block want passing and scoring as is their right. It adds excitement and new fans who love it and those younger fans are the ones buying NFL merchandise and gambling which is paying players and owners major millions. How to resolve this?

In my view, half PPR is as obvious as can be IF both sides want to give and take a bit to keep the NFL we all know and love.

You get the added receiving scores but not as much and you get the RB’s still mattering but not as much. What can be easier?


I’m not a fan of standard scoring. Not if you have to start 2 RBs. The falloff is too brutal. When comparing the RB#6 (mid-range RB1) with the RB#18 (mid-range RB2), it looks like this:

Full PPR: -10.1%
Half PPR: -15.4%
Standard: -21.6%

Surprisingly, that picture changes from mid-range RB2 to mid-range RB3, where full PPR suffers a lot more than standard scoring. But considering that you usually need 2 starting RBs, that doesn’t really compensate for the RB1-to-RB2 gap.

Half-PPR seems pretty well balanced and is my personal preference.

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Sorry, but I’m a PPR fan, because it allows the 3rd down RB’s into the conversation. Nowadays, the RB is becoming an afterthought, almost like an extra TE. When WR’s like Cooper Kupp dominate fantasy, you know the tide has turned. It is nice to see RB’s like Leonard Fournette become relevant for their receiving.

While I will still do a half PPR league, my preference will always be on full PPR.

PPR leagues are to Standard leagues as Standard leagues were to TD only leagues.

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