Look for RBs Who Can Run & Catch

This is no news flash as all have seen the point from Ekeler and CMC. However, with the transition by most to RB splits, it now jumps in value. *n my view it becomes similar to a QB who can run some.

To add fact and figures to this advice, consider:

Fantasy points per opportunity in 2022:

Opportunity Points per opportunity
RB targets in PPR 1.49
RB targets in half-PPR 1.10
RB targets in non-PPR 0.72
RB rush attempts 0.62

Even in non-PPR formats, a running back target – not an actual reception, simply being targeted – is worth more than a RB rush attempt. In full PPR formats, an RB target is worth nearly three times as much as a RB rush attempt!

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This adds value th rookies Robinson and Gibbs who did not need it but, also to Charbonett and Achane who are both good receivers.

Add in guys like Swift, Etienne, etc who may well elevate their games this year.

Sometimes you can make too much of it, though.

Like people used to ding Derrick Henry because he caught like 8 balls on the year, but he just kept finishing top 5 in PPR scoring anyway, and eventually people quieted down.

This may be a zero RB year for me. Depends how draft unfolds I suppose.

It’s a good year for it. Lotta good RBs in the middle rounds this year.

It may the same for many. The injuries, additions and contract issues are shrinking the quality by quite a bit.

Swift and Charbonnet are two I really like in keeper and dynasty a lot and redraft just like. Williams in Denver is another high upside RB.