How do I find a league like this next season?

I’m playing my first fantasy football league with friends who have been doing it for years. Even though I am tied for 1st overall, I hate it. ESPN league with 15 man rosters and a 4 RB limit per roster.

Where can I find a league with a format like this?
10 teams
Standard scoring
16 man rosters
No contrived roster limits
$500 or so entry fee

Finding a pre-made league like that will be difficult–almost nobody plays strict standard scoring any more, especially not for stakes like $500–but there are enough sites out there with customizable leagues that it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to make one.

Interesting. I’m trying to avoid rewarding guys for catching passes 1 yard from scrimmage or catching 8 for 70 yards. Seems disproportionate in today’s game.

Half-PPR scoring is a popular compromise these days.

I’m in California so we have online betting restrictions for some things. Any idea what is a good website for joining a half-PPR league with a bigger entry fee? And maybe has mock drafts too? The ESPN mock drafts page was awesome

Yahoo’s default setup is half-PPR, but their customizable leagues only go up to $250. You can get in one of their public prize leagues, which are half-PPR, with entry fees up to $5000, I believe. They are 10 team leagues; might be 17 man rosters though (and you can’t customize them).

Great info. Thanks. 17 man would be even better. I got hammered in mine when I lost Cordarelle and Swift around week 3 and couldn’t stash guys like Etienne and Walker because of the 4 RB limit. Ridiculous cause they are both stars now. And then I lost Chase as a bonus. And Akers is out of football.

Yeah, rules like that are what we masters call “playground rules”–rules designed to keep everything fair, so no one team can exert too much power (like hoarding potential stars on the bench, or having to take turns drafting players instead of everyone bidding on any player they want).

Congrats on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…

Whoa… just went to the Yahoo fantasy football contest page. They want name, address, birthdate, SSN… are they joking? That’s a security breach and identity theft waiting to happen. SSN for a contest?

If you win more than $600 in a calendar year, they are required to report your winnings to the IRS. They need your SS for that.