RB and WR question

For week 2, full PPR, which of Zeke, Damien Harris or Michael Carter? I’m leaning Carter because of the potential passing volume.

At WR3, Rashod Bateman or Hunter Renfrow? This seems almost like a toss up to me and I keep chaining my lineup between the two.

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You listed them in the correct order, Zeke, Harris, then Carter.

It kind of is a toss up. I might lean Bateman just because with Dobbins back, defenses will have to respect the run a little more, which might open up Bateman a little more in the passing game, but then Renfrow had kind of a down game in Week 1 and may experience a little positive regression too. Probly comes down to guessing which one gets a TD this week–and Bateman has less red zone competition among receivers on his team.

You nailed it with Carter. While the other two are solid, this is PPR, and Carter is your PPR beast, with 7 catches on 9 targets last week, with an extra 10 carries for 60 yards.

Although Bateman has a slight advantage in projections, I think Renfrow is the play here. The Raiders know they underutilized him last week, and won’t make the same mistake against the Cards. Also, Bateman is in a run-first offense. This is one case where I go with my gut, and take Renfrow.

Fixed that for context.