PPR Keeper: Kupp in 2nd, St. Brown in 4th, Stevenson in 8th, or R White in 15th?

Need some help on my keeper selection. Thought I had an easy choice… then the Pats brought in Zeke. What are everyone’s thoughts?

It IS an easy choice, you have the best player in all of the NFL for PPR scoring, and you get him for a 2nd round pick.

Game over.

Fair enough! Two questions:

  1. Any concerns about the hamstring? I haven’t seen any updates recently and
  2. do you have any worries about he and Stafford hanging it up after the bye if the Rams end up out of the playoff race? Or just make the decision based on the data available today and move forward?

Thanks for the help!

  1. No, it’s probly a blessing. He has plenty of time to fully heal before the season starts, and he’ll be in bubble wrap for the rest of camp, making his risk of further injury before the season starts virtually nil–he will be one guy you DON’T have to worry about over the next three weeks.

  2. It’s the NFL. Half the teams will be out of it by Week 12, but you don’t worry about drafting Chubb, do you? He’s the best in the business at doing his job.

Both reasonable. Really appreciate the clarity!

Just ran a couple of mocks and realized what a devastating combo a couple of my league mates could end up with if they get a healthy Kupp along with their own keepers. Will hang on to him not only for the opportunity but also for self preservation

I stay with Stevenson. Zeke will have some effect but not going committee.
Top young RBs are hard to come by and well worth the keeper spot now and in future, especially costing an 8.

Kupp is old and only considered if you are a player away. St Brown has Jameson coming.

That might be a concern in a dynasty format, but it sounds like you only get one keeper here.

Even if you get 2-3 keepers, age isn’t that big of a concern, because you’re always going to have at least 3 players on your team that are young enough or, like Kupp, simply good enough, to be worth keeping into the next year.

And, oh yeah, Stevenson’s value just got torpedoed, even though Stevenson truthers haven’t processed all the stages of grief yet; some are still early in denial.

I’m done as this has gotten silly In real keeper leagues, you have Stevenson costing an 8 and an open 2nd vs Kupp and an open 8 this year.

Next year, you have Stevenson costing an 8 and an open 2nd vs. likely an open 2nd and 8th. Stevie Wonder can see the obvious choice.

This happens when someone who does not play and knows little tries giving advice. SMH

Whew, I was afraid I would have to refute you again.

You would also need to refute all the other posters who asked you to prove you won or even played in a league over the past year plus. Never an answer, just BS. Fact

No, I was talking about refuting you about keeping Stevenson.