PPR FLEX decision

Full PPR. My flex candidates are:

Michael Pittman
Darius Slayton
Terrace Marshall
Dalton Schultz

Few weeks ago, Pittman would have been a lock for a WR starter slot. Now I’m not even sure I can trust him for my FLEX. The matchup looks okay, but with a QB who barely got past the 100 yard threshold on just 15 completed passes last week, what’s the potential story for Pittman here?

Slayton has been trending up and should be good for 6 receptions. But the Texans don’t allow many yards or TDs to opposing WRs.

Marshall has a great matchup, but can we trust his volume? Tannehill might be back, and he mostly ignored Marshall.

That leaves Dalton Schultz. Green Bay isn’t the best opponent for pass catchers. but Schultz rarely sees less than 5-6 targets when healthy.

Starting a TE on FLEX always reeks of desparation, but I think Schultz wouldn’t be the worst option here. My starting TE is Pat Freiermuth, btw.

What do you think?

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Not really surprising, since they play on different teams.

I think Pittman is the best option here. Remember, they are playing against the Raiders, whose defense is questionable at best. Pittman has the upside the others don’t have. Is there a bad floor? Of course, but that can be said for all of them.

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It was definitely the right choice to ignore Marshall. Walker (not Tannehill, of course) was back, and Marshall was invisible. It was good news for my D’Onta Foreman, though.

Slayton doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies either.

So basically, it’s Schultz vs. Pittman.

The floor is basically the same for both of them. Both should see at least 4 catches.

Both can’t be counted on for a TD. Schultz, because he hasn’t scored one this year. Pittman, because Ehlinger hasn’t thrown for one yet.

That leaves the yards. Pittman had a lousy 7.4 YPC with Ehlinger under center.
Schultz had 11.0 YPC in the last games. But he plays against a team that hardly gives up any yards to opposing TEs, while Pittman plays an opposing D that’s rather generous to WRs.

I guess I’ll flip a coin.

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