How do YOU value Ekeler in PPR?

Ekeler owners like myself: Who would YOU trade him for?
Those who want Ekeler shares: What would YOU trade for him?
I feel like every site has Buy Lows & Sell Highs so for the sake of this experiment no further roster information is needed. Who, in a vacuum, do you think you could get for Ekeler at his current value & on the flip side who are you trading for him right now? I can’t trade him for anybody right now! Got turned away for Henry, JT(packaged with a WR btw, not just Ekeler), Mixon. I can’t peg his value and being 2-1 I’m not giving him away but I’m curious what he’s going for in other leagues.

I have Ekeler in a 12 team, half PPR, SFLEX dynasty. He was a key factor for me to win the title last year.

This offseason, I tried to trade him, and I knew I wouldn’t get much for him. He was never a fantasy darling. UDFA, broke out later than RBs normally would. Offered as much as Ekeler plus a mid 2022 2nd for Travis Etienne. Nope. Nobody wanted him.

So I will ride him out. I’m not too concerned about his age. He’s seen little usage in his early years, and profiles as a WR as much as an RB. So he should last 1-2 years longer than your average RB.

In PPR formats, he is still okay, thanks to his involvement in his passing game. But it was obvious that he would regress a lot this year, especially in the TD department.

I’m not super concerned about him yet, as he has little competition in the run game. Yes, Joshua Kelley and Sony Michel dig into his production. But he had actively asked for more relief, so that’s not a surprise.

Isaiah Spiller looks like a bust, but rookie FB Zander Horvath is vulturing red zone carries, which does hurt Ekeler’s producion. Horvath isn’t worth adding, as he is 100% TD dependent and sees no volume otherwise. The correct handcuff for Ekeler is Sony Michel, who would step into his role, should Ekeler get injured.

As for trading Ekeler now - if you are a contender, keep him. You are not likely to get anything notable for him. Most certainly not an established RB asset. Best you could try is to trade him for someone like Brian Robinson, and hope that he will step into Gibson’s role, once he’s good to go.

But that’s speculation. In redraft, it would be more prudent to just keep Ekeler. He’s still a good RB2, and these types don’t come in dozens in the NFL.

I have Ekeler in a league Zak and I are in. I got an offer yesterday and after 4 counters final was QB Jackson and Sutton for Ekeler and Higgins from him and my final of Ekeler and Metcalf. He said no and I move on.

Ekeler was the #3 player in all of fantasy by most all in draft rankings. Not about to give up on him this early.

That is because most drafts reflect last year’s result, and Ekeler was the #2 RB in 2021.

The problem is that no season ever reproduces last year. That is one reason why I did not project Jonathan Taylor as the #1 RB. Because only 1 player in the last 20 years managed to pull off two #1 seasons in the row - Todd Gurley, 2017 and 2018,

I had projected Ekeler as a top 5 RB last year. I also projected him outside the top 5 this year. Closer to RB2 status than to the top 3.

His ground production will be limited, and that’s no surprise, because he openly asked his coaching staff to lighten his workload. His passing upside is still there, and his TD drought will also not last forever. But he won’t come even close to his 20 TD from last year. I had him projected for 12, and even that may be a tad too high.