Players I don't like

We will leave the Chiefs out of this discussion, since my dislike for them comes from a place of being a Raider fan. Let’s look at the rest:

  1. Kyler Murray: His passing mechanics are retched! If you take him, it is just for his rushing aspect. If he loses that, he is only good for passing to Deandre Hopkins.

  2. David Montgomery: Am I the only person worried about his production meeting the cliff?

  3. Tyler Lockett: Too many weeks where he disappears. Sure, he’ll win you a game when he goes off, but those are exceptions, not the rule.

  4. Christian McCaffrey: Last year was the beginning of the end for him. RB’s rarely return from years with significant injuries, returning to form.

  5. Diontae Johnson: Dropsies, plus too many mouths to feed in the Pittsburgh offense.

  6. Anyone on Houston: Only for streamers. Don’t draft these people, except in deep leagues.

  7. Taysom Hill: Playing second-fiddle to Jameis is not the recipe for success.

  8. Marquise Brown: Being the top receiver is like the old joke about Canada’s coins: What good is first place if second place goes to a beaver?

  9. Melvin Gordon: I don’t want any piece of this mess. Javonte Williams will take over eventually.

10 Trey Sermon: There isn’t a single 49er RB I’d want. that is the most worthless RBBC in the NFL.

11: Rashod Bateman: Remember what I said for #8, Marquise Brown? It applies doubly here.