Thoughts on Deandre Hopkins?

I have some thoughts on this article:

First, let’s be honest: Hopkins is on the downside of his career. He can blame it on Murray if he likes, but I don’t see him as an alpha WR any more.

The only concern to me is if any of the teams of the QB’s he mentions decides to pay for him. Bad move! He’s a WR2 at best for any team.

In 2 weeks, he’ll turn 31. But he sees himself as a true alpha with a bright career ahead of him. And he’ll expect to be treated and paid like that.

Not gonna happen.

Here’s a player I will have zero shares in this season.

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I have no interest. However, he is another elder who may have a year left depending on where he plays.

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With his release, Hopkins suddenly becomes more interesting, getting out of the dumpster fire known as Arizona.

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Agreed, imagine him in KC.

This also does add some value to Hollywood as the clear #1.

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To paraphrase Milton, is it better to rule in Arizona or serve in Kansas City? :thinking:

And Hopkins will be asking Mr Mahomes, where do you want me to go.

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