Pitts or Lawrence?

Hypothetical: You are sitting on the 8th pick in the first round of a dynasty draft, superflex league. Kyle Pitts and Trevor Lawrence are both there. Who do you take?

Best tight end is Gesicki of Miami. At QB, I have Tua, Carr, and Fitzpatrick.

While Pitts seems like a clear upgrade at TE, given the superflex format it would seem like Lawrence is the pick. I think it’s important to know your league and how players are valued, but a core of Tua and Lawrence would seem too good to pass up at that point. Good luck!

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Pitts is such a huge upgrade over Gesicki. Lawrence is a small, but very nice, upgrade, assuming Meyer doesn’t screw him up.

QBs are so valuable in SF leagues. If Lawrence turns out to be the generational talent we all think he is, you’ll have a league-winning piece for well past the next decade! You could grab Pat Freiermuth in a later round or trade one of your other QBs for an upgrade at TE.

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I love that plan! You rock!

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In most mocks, ADPs and personal SF Rookie drafts I’ve seen / participated in, Lawrence is the consensus 1.01. I can’t see TLaw getting past the 1.03 max unless it is a 1QB rookie draft. That being said, I love Pitts but QB is so much more important in SF format. Only argument I could really see is that there’s a 2PPR TE premium to take Pitts. Just my two cents in this hypothetical. :ok_hand:

The guys I play with will take the RB’s early, even though it is superflex. Believe me, if they don’t, and let a good RB drop to my position, I’ll jump on that.