Pittman or Pickens PPR week 10?

Tempted to start Pickens although Pittman is probably in a better matchup??

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Funny, I’m planning to do exactly the same in one league. Can’t trust Pittman as long as the Colts are in complete turmoil.

In another league, I need to decide whether I want to start Pickens or Diontae.

I would go Diontae over Pickens…pretty close though with Pickens upside.

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Diontae is ranked/projected a tad higher pretty much everywhere, but I’m tempted to gamble on Pickens’ upside.

Both Pittman and Pickens are playing with rookie QB’s. I prefer Pittman against the Raiders defense over Pickens against the Saints defense.

Diontae is easily the choice here, based on floor. I’m not ready to gamble on Pickens upside yet.

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Diontae is seeing more targets, but only outscored Pickens in FFP in only 1 of the last 5 games. Mostly because Pickens reaches 13 YPC, Diontae only 8.5

The Saints are a good matchup for the Steelers’ WRs. Diontae should draw most of the defense’s attention, which could open some nice doors for Pickens.

It is a gamble to start Pickens over Diontae, and I think I’m ready to take it.

Dionatae does not catch a fair percentage of his many targets and has has five bad games in a row. I do not touch him

Pickins has been a top 20 WR in 3 of the las 5 weeks. The exceptions were when
TG and Philly manhandled his QB and team. I can’t imagine anyone expecting anything in those two games.

Add in last weeks by when I think they would have added to the rookies plate and Pickins is my choice.

I am so nervous about the Colts passing offense on the road…yes it a great matchup but so much has happened in the organization during this week…just do not know which way it is gonna go…

The Steelers gave away Claypool for a reason…i think they see the spark in Pickens…so I am really torn making the choice…