Jefferson vs Chase?

I am drafting #2 and could be faced with this decision and it is not an easy one.

JJ is as good as it gets but, Chase was actually better when healthy and has a clear cut big advantage with Burrow.


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Jefferson had some monster games, but he also had 5 dud games, with single-digit scores outside the top 50 WRs in half-PPR scoring–one of those games in Championship Week 17. Chase had two, both in the first five weeks.

This year, Jefferson has a Week 13 bye, so you know you will be without him in one key game down the stretch for a playoff berth.

Chase has a Week 7 bye, a shootout against Jefferson in fantasy playoff Week 15, and a shootout against the Chiefs in fantasy championship Week 17.

The last time Chase faced the Chiefs in Week 17 (2021) he posted 11/266/3. Just sayin’.

Kupp will be the #1 WR in PPR redraft leagues this year, but if you’re forced to choose between Chase and Jefferson, take Chase.

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Chase missed 5 games last year with injury. JJ has NEVER missed a game in 3 years. Also JJ had 1809 receiving yards last season. Give me the guy who can stay healthy and do that.

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I managed to draft Chase in the 9th round when he was a roOkie. :star_struck: I missed out on J.J. when he was a roOkie as he went undrafted and snatched up out of FA (despite having 22 rounds) and the league mate who picked him up won his first title in 11 years.

This year I basically see these two as a coin flip. but if I had to chose I’d give J.J. a slight edge.

Chase is possibly the best in the league against contested catches. If you saw the clinic (that Axe mentioned) against K.C. near the end of his roOkie season… you’d know. Only guys like A.J. Brown or Mike the Evans would be in consideration there.

Jefferson is one of (if not) the best route runners in the league. Only Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill could contest here. If you watch him run around you’ll find he doesn’t have to contest catches much because of the separation he’s earned vs coverage.

Chase has one less season played than Jefferson, Jefferson has also never missed a start.

Jefferson’s yards p/g have trended up his whole career (so far). Chase’s T.D. p/g are notably higher than that of J.J’s and unlike J.J’s yards, I’m all but certain Chase hasn’t hit his T.D. ceiling yet.

Jefferson is still mostly a one man show at WR, with a QB who may start regressing sooner than later. Chase has to share with at least an hard 8-rate WR team mate in Higgins, but this can also be beneficial because of less doubles, which typically shows in higher T.D. totals, but less yards (as mentioned above).

The offensive line has been slightly improving every year for the Bengals, but the Vikings started running a pass friendly offensive scheme; which started last year.

The final things that make me error on the side of Jefferson over Chase is that J.J’s catch% and yards/target are notably higher than Chase’s. I also expect the Vikings to run the ball a little less this year due to Cook exiting and the addition of (R) Addison and Hockenson late last year. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Jefferson 9.6
Chase 9.3

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