#1 overall pick PPR help

In my PPR league I have the #1 overall pick but since I have RB D’andre Swift in the second round as a keeper, should I pick Jonathan Taylor first or a top WR like Cupp first since I already have Swift? I’m concerned there won’t be top WR’s left at the start of the 3rd round. Thank you very much

Tuff with having Swift but JT is #1 for a reason. Dynamic Duo at RB.

There are many WR’s in the 3rd to 5th. Do not miss on #1. JMO

Thanks SoBe! Like you said , hopefully there are a lot of good WR’s in the 3rd to 5th.

Any selection other than Derrick Henry at #1 is an error.

AxeElf, so even if I have Swift secured at Round 2 as my keeper you still think another RB is better than picking a WR in a PPR? Thanks

If that RB is the best player in fantasy football, yes. If it’s Tyler Allgeier, then I’d go with the WR.

The drop-off from the elite tier to 2-3 tiers lower is much steeper on RB than on WR. In other words, the gap between the #1 and #10 RB is bigger than between the #1 and #10 WR.

So I would be much more concerned about missing the potential #1 RB, rather than missing the #1 WR.

And yes, that statement was not true last year, when Cooper Kupp played a season from another planet. That won’t repeat. Kupp will be able to defend the #1 WR title as long as he’s healthy, but the gap will be smaller.

As for the question which RB to draft with the 1.01:

Jonathan Taylor seems the careful choice here. I’d just want to point out that only 1 player in the last 15 years managed to become the #1 RB twice (Todd Gurley).

Derrick Henry and CMC are good choices if you are not afraid of injuries.

My candidate for #1 this year is Najee Harris, but I won’t blame you if you don’t share that POV.

As for your WRs, round 3 in a 1-keeper league is essentially a 4th round pick. Assuming you will pick at 3.01, maybe you are lucky and get Michael Pittman. If not, you should be able to get Jaylen Waddle. Both should be top 10 WRs this year, Pittman even top 5.

In the following rounds, you can aim for players like Brandin Cooks, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Rashod Bateman and Gabe Davis. A tempting later-round pick is Brandon Aiyuk, who could be the WR1 in San Francisco this year.

I wouldn’t pass on the option to have 2 elite RBs on my team. That’s one of the best situations you can have in fantasy football.

Good luck!