14 team advice please?

I’m in a 14 team half-ppr snake draft with the 9th pick. Given 14 teams, I’m thinking to get 2RBs with my 1st 2 picks, as good WRs are more likely still available in rounds 3-5 than good RBs. Thoughts?
Also, with the 9th pick I’m often left on Mocks between Mixon/Swift/Kamara/Chubb/Jones/Saquon in Round 1. I’m leaning toward Swift as he seems most reliable, but would love advice, as also like Mixon! Round 2 likely Connor/Javonte?

I would prefer Mixon and Conner in half-PPR, but Swift and Conner works too.

You are definitely correct about getting 2 RBs with your first two picks.

Thanks Axe- greatly appreciated