What To Do @ #2 in a 8 Keeper Hybrid?

I do have that pick and had the choices narrowed to CMC, Jefferson, Robinson and maybe Chase, depending on who goes #1. All great players.

I thought I decided on Jefferson or Robinson. but now thinking RB is the right way to go. There are just so few every down backs.

Also, I like the projected WRs at #23 and #26 in Waddle, Olave, Higgins, London and Metcalf better that the RBs in Harris, Stevenson, Gibbs and Walker.

Any thoughts?

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8 keepers, but CMC, Jefferson and Chase are all available?

I would hope for Robinson, but I’d be ok with either Jefferson or Chase if Bijan goes #1.

I think you should draft a kicker. :wink:

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It’s a startup draft for a keeper league.

That was my first thought to make it easier for you at #4. :sunglasses:

If I go RB and #1 does as well, you and Damian go WR. Then when you two pick before me at 23, you “should” go RB leaving me my WR choice. Hmmm.