Cleaning up my Bench. Is it time?

Is it safe to say that it is okay to drop AJ Dillon?

I know I said this last time, however, I am in a lot of need to win situations, due to my players being duds such as J Taylor, or here and there Waddle, Streamed QB Matt Ryan, DK Metcalf being hurt so had to leave, and now Williams being out for a few weeks. Also, J. Chase was being awfully quiet until the last two weeks. So hopefully he keeps having awesome games. Conner was a hit and miss and has been hurt.

Anyways Im second to last place in my league, just trying to reshape and clean up my league for the long hall and to keep it a competitive winning streak.

On my bench…

I have

RB- J. Conner

WR- M Williams. ( I think he is worth keeping and holding on to )

RB- AJ Dillon *( He has not done anything for me besides week 1 but is he worth holding on to? )

RB- B. Robinson ( Im not to sure of the back field on these guys, but he will be eating a lot of the goal line/touch down runs and he seems to be gradually getting more production. )

TE- D Goedert.

RB- T. Etienne ( He now will be my starter week in and week out, except for his bye week. )

WR- D. Metcalf ( I just picked him up on a trade for Doubs, but now I am wondering if I should have done more research before hand, from what I see, he is hit and miss, and or injured. So I am not sure about this one either. )

WR- W. Robinson- ( *I believe he is hurt don’t know for how long, and I think he is the ONLY WR worth throwing to, and he will be getting a lot of production, but im not to sure.) *

WR- G. Pickens. ( Just picked him up on the waiver wire. I should have played him last week. Ha ha. Needing help with this one as well.)

If yall think I should try and do high sell trades for my line up feel free to help on that too.


QB- Hurts,
RB- J Taylor,
RB- R. Stevenson,
WR- J. Chase
WR- J. Waddle.
D- Niners
K - J Myers.

   I am missing two flex that can be WR, TE, RB.  

Re-draft league 10 man team. Full PPR.

I defer to what PFF wrote this morning.


1. RB A.J. Dillon, Green Bay Packers

His playing time has declined in recent weeks, and he ran only four times for 15 yards against the Commanders.

  • His quality of play has declined significantly since last season, resulting in decreased playing time.
  • The Packers have the second-worst remaining schedule for running backs.
  • Their schedule also gets more difficult in general, which will mean more game scripts where Aaron Jones will be used more.
  • He should play better once the offensive line can gain some stability, but that likely won’t be enough to put him in fantasy starting lineups.
  • He remains one of the NFL’s best handcuffs, so in several league types, it makes sense to keep him if other handcuffs are on rosters.

So I am not clearly understanding your response. First, I appreciate the input with Dillon. However, in my situation are you saying you would Drop him?
I think you wrote " 5 PlAYERS TO CUT…"

If so, what other ones would you consider cutting or keeping that is on my roster.

QB [Jalen Hurts PHI

RB [Jonathan Taylor] IND

RB [Travis Etienne] JAX

WR [Ja’Marr Chase] CIN

WR [Jaylen Waddle] MIA



PK [Jason Myers] SEA

DEF [San Francisco 49ers] SF


RB [James Conner] ARZ

RB [Brian Robinson Jr.] WAS

RB [AJ Dillon] GB

WR [George Pickens]

WR [Mike Williams] LAC

WR [Wan’Dale Robinson] NYG

TE [Dallas Goedert] PHI

WR [DK Metcalf]

RB [Rhamondre Stevenson]

RB James Conner

No man, t was 5 to cut league wide. Just Dillon for you.

Oh ha ha ha. Okay cool. Thanks.

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It doesn’t look like TEs are mandatory, from your starting lineup, so why do you own a middling TE?

Reserved for injuries, Cause my with my luck it dont like the players I chose can stay healthy. It being Goedert, I thought it would help me cause my starting qb is Hurst. ( Stacking ) I think that is what it is called.

I would guess there are more productive WRs on the waiver wire in a 10 team league than most any TEs you could roster, including Goedert.

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