NFL Trade Thoughts Before Deadline


We’ve already seen two running backs traded, with Christian McCaffrey going from the Carolina Panthers to the San Francisco 49ers and James Robinson dealt from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the New York Jets.

The Los Angeles Rams have already said that they’re actively looking to move Akers to a new team. There’s also a possibility that other running backs, like Harris (though New England is not “shopping” him, per a source) or Kareem Hunt could be traded.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see the Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Rams (even though they’re looking to move Akers) or Philadelphia Eagles look at running backs. Los Angeles was in on McCaffrey, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see them go after another running back. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also are dead last in EPA per run play right now. I don’t know if they’d make a move, but it also seems like the Miami Dolphins could use a heavier early-down back after releasing Sony Michel this offseason.

When it comes to WRs I have to think the Chargers will do something to help Herbert.

Wh else do you see shopping?

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If I’m an NFL GM, I am not even sniffing in Akers direction, no matter how bad I need an RB. I would sooner trade with the Panthers for D’Onta Foreman.

Akers is a bust. Time to move on.

NOT about Akers but all the teams looking for RBs and asked about WRs.

I expect Akers gets released by the Rams before he gets traded, unless some team offers the Rams a 6th round pick for him.

Did Zak pay you to keep Akers alive here? lol

I don’t care unless I like where he goes.

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Rogers has looked lost without Adams. I would think GB is shopping.

Also, Miami could trade TE Gesicki. Who can be a player here?
Raiders could be ready to move on from Waller.

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As a Raider fan, I don’t see it happening. For all his injuries, he is beloved.

I have said this many times before! You know I’m not an Akers-stan.

Yes but their record is not and Adams has an expiring shelf life. They also need to worry about RB with my friend Jacobs a FA they are running into the ground which was predicted by some on their new HC doing this before.

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Nobody will give them any value for Waller, even if they wanted to trade him. As for the many Raiders issues, I am quite well aware of them! But trading Waller for a 6th round pick won’t fix them.

I could see Gesicki as a good fit.

Unless Gesicki asks to be traded, I don’t know why they would. They don’t have any better options.

Miami has been taking offers for the past 10 days.

Taking offers is one thing. Accepting them is another.