Is Cam Akers now the #2 back in LA

How is the Rams lack of using Cam Akers not the biggest fantasy news after TNF?

What do y’all think? Is he now behind Darrel Henderson?

He was this week. And that’s all we can say with certainty.

Sean McVay has been switching RBs randomly for years. A week with 25+ carries and a 6 yard average can easily mean you won’t see a single snap next week, and vice versa.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all fantasy manager who will now bench Akers will see him scoring 15+ FFP there next week. After all, it’s not like Henderson produced eye-popping numbers. 3.6 YPC on the ground, 5.2 through the air.

Wait and monitor.

As I’ve been saying all preseason, if Akers were to return to form, he would be the first NFL RB to ever successfully return after an Achilles tear.

Henderson was always at least the 1B, if not the outright #1. After last night, that’s just more apparent than it was before.