NFL Team Rankings - Passing Yards

So which NFL teams will rack up the most passing yards in the 2021 NFL season?

My top 5 are: KC, BUF, TB, DAL and either of the 2 L.A. teams.
SEA, ARI, GB, CIN and PIT should do okay as well.

Candidates for the bottom of the ranking include:

  • HOU (though they will play from behind all the time)
  • Both N.Y. teams
  • NE (though Cam looked really good in camp so far)
  • DEN (great receivers, but no QB to support them)
  • CLE (because why should they do better than in 2020?)
  • BAL (I see them passing a little more this year, but ‘a little more’ could still easily translate into #30)
  • DET (though they might be the positive surprise)
  • And the unpopular candidate for the bottom tiers: PHI

My only disagreements:

  1. I think the Jets are better this year. They will be above the bottom.
  2. I expect NE to be middle of the pack. The QB play will be better, plus they actually have a running game. They still need a good WR1, but other than that, they have potential.
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For the Jets, it will be all about the completion rate. They were pretty bad last year, ranking #30 in the league. I can see their number of pass attempts rising, as well as their ADOT, but the key question is if Zach Wilson will be more accurate right out of the gate. If he is, then the Jets will have the potential to surprise.

The Patriots are the one team that I will have to revisit. As I said, Cam looked really sharp in camp. And they have a WR1, if you ask me. I have been a huge Jakobi Meyers believer from the first time I saw him in a 2019 preseason game. He has some of the best hands in the league. His catch rate is phenomenal.

He made it to the Pats’ 53 man roster as an UDFA, something that almost never happens. He was targeted as a rookie WR by Tom Brady, something that definitely never happens. He stayed on the roster when the Pats drafted N’Keal Harry in the first round in 2020, something that no expert predicted.

And he has great chemistry with Cam Newton. In highschool, Meyers was a QB, and refined his skills in Cam Newton’s football camp. It was no coincidence that Meyers threw for 2 TDs last season.

If the Pats really get their passing game going this season (and the signs are there), then Meyers is in for a very solid performance.

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