FA Will Change the Landscape of Fantasy RBs

FA is around the corner with RBs Ekeler, Henry, Mixon, Jacobs, Pollard, Swift and others looking for new deals or new homes.

Landing spots will dictate their value and with a weak RB rookie class change fantasy RB targets, trades and values.

Contending dynasty managers with little interest in the elders may find themselves bidding for an Ekeler in KC or a Henry in Balt or Dallas, etc.

Gonna be some fun.

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With a weak RB class, maybe a few of the youngins will finally get paid.

I don’t disagree with paying them what they are worth. The question is how much that should be.

Their shelf life is limited and risky with few making a big difference for any extended period.

I think RBs should have significant incentive based contracts, right out of the box.

Tuff to do. It would have to be in the way of bonuses and any likely to be achieved bonus counts vs the salary cap. Any change has to go through the NFLPA and legal battles.