NFC West Preview

Rolling along with my preseason predictions, this time with the NFC West:

  1. Los Angeles Rams (12-5 last season): While there are a lot of teams in this division who can win some games, adding Allen Robinson makes this offense just a little more unstoppable. Prediction: 12-5, division winner.

  2. Arizona Cardinals (11-6 last season): Seeing a lot of cards shuffled, but no real aces in the deck. Prediction: 10-7, potential wild card.

  3. San Francisco 49ers (10-7 last season): Can Trey Lance elevate the 49ers? Big question, no answers here. Best case he carries them to a division title. Worst case he carries them to the cellar. Split the difference. Prediction: 10-7, potential wild card, but lose to the Cardinals on a tie-breaker.

4: Seattle Seahawks (7-10 last season): Believe it or not, I see the Seahawks as improved this season. Just not enough to make a difference. Prediction: 8-9.

P.S. My win-loss predictions are based on the strength/weaknesses of the teams, not an in-depth rundown of the schedule.

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I’d chose ‘not’ here. :sweat_smile:

I see the 2022 Seahawks as one of the worst teams in the NFL, along with the Bears, Texans, Giants and Panthers.

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I think Geno Smith will surprise some people. No, he’s nowhere close to Mahomes, but I expect he’ll be an efficient game manager who keeps defenses honest as the Hawks try to pound the rock most of the time. They still have some defensive issues to resolve, but their offense should be efficient, although not spectacular.

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