NFC East Preview

Rolling along with my preseason predictions, this time with the NFC East:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (9-8 last season): The Eagles had a great draft this year, on top of trading for WR AJ Brown. Under the Diggs/Hopkins rule of improving an offense, Brown could make the Eagles awesome, possibly even propelling Jalen Hurts into top 5 QB conversation. Prediction: 11-6, division winner.

  2. Dallas Cowboys (12-5 last season): This is a “not bad” team that hasn’t really improved from last year. Replacing washed-up Amari Cooper with rookie Jalen Tolbert is a long-term improvement, but unsure how it will play out this season. Going to call for the Boys to lose the division by a tie-breaker. Prediction: 11-6, potential wild card team.

  3. Washington Commanders (7-10 last season): The only thing propping this team up is the defense. The offense is a hot mess, and adding “Commander Carson” Wentz isn’t much of an improvement. Prediction: 5-12.

  4. New York Giants (4-13 last season): Not seeing any big changes here, other than new HC Brian Daboll. But coaches don’t play the game. Expect Daniel Jones to prove he isn’t the solution at QB. Prediction: 5-12.

P.S. My win-loss predictions are based on the strength/weaknesses of the teams, not an in-depth rundown of the schedule.

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