Needing some Info. Would love it if ANYONE would help if they get the chance to

I have Deon Jackson on my bench only because I am not sure if J. Taylor is good to go or not.

I also got super lucky on my Waiver and picked up Eno B. in case Conner was out.

Does any one know their status for sure for sure?

If not, and when you do find out, PLEASE DROP THE INFO???!

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Last status on Taylor:

Conner is day-to-day:

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Hey man,
Good looking out! With that news, I will just keep Jackson on the roster until I am certain that Taylor is or isn’t playing.
Thank you!

PS. If anything changes, or if you see any further updates on this, I’d appreciate it if you could add it to this thread. Again, I don’t want you to go out of your way. However, if you come across something, I would not be mad at all, I would be super grateful if you were to put it on this thread!

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I’d keep Jackson regardless. He showed in the last game that he can be hugely productive, arguably moreso than Nyheim Hines.

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I thought the same! Might as well keep him. If I were to do that though, on my bench, I only have for pass catchers, ( TE’s are not a need in this league because they have it set up with (2) Flex and you have a choice of WR, TE, RB. ) anyways, on my bench I only have (2) pass catchers. Wandale Robinson- ( Stash I think in the next 2-3 weeks depending on production, he might be pushed to a starter or a solid flex. ) I also have Goedert, ( as a pass catcher ) But I would put a RB, or WR over him if it came down to flex spots. For my WR’s that I have now are, Waddle, M. Williams, J. Chase, Metcalf.

Now to my question, D. Harris, is still out, but not on IR, and he is available on the waiver wire, he might come back after this week. Should I grab him? I already have all the RB’s on my bench Which are T. Etienne, B. Robinson, Aj Dillon, now… Jackson and IR Conner, for my starters I have R. Stevenson, J. Taylor.

If you are in must wins the next 2-3 games due to trying to be in the play off’s, what would you do? Pick up Harris as well? If so drop who? I think I will keep Matt Ryan for dropping purposes but mostly streaming because I have Hurts at my starter but is on a bye.

Give me your thoughts…



QB Jalen Hurts PHI

RB Jonathan Taylor IND

RB Rhamondre Stevenson NE

WR Ja’Marr Chase CIN

WR Jaylen Waddle MIA

FLX DK Metcalf SEA

FLX Mike Williams LAC

PK Younghoe Koo ATL

DEF San Francisco 49ers SF


RB Travis Etienne JAX

TE Dallas Goedert PHI

RB AJ Dillon GB

RB James Conner ARZ

RB Brian Robinson Jr. WAS

WR Wan’Dale Robinson NYG

QB Matt Ryan IND

RB Deon Jackson IND

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I see what you’re thinking. Getting Harris as a backup to Stevenson makes perfect sense. I’d drop Conner to do that. Conner has been hugely ineffective this year, even when he plays.

Yes, I was. But… I was a tad bit late. Someone snagged him as soon as people got the news that he may start next week. ha ha

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