Jonathan Taylor worth for these guys ROS

JT worth for these guys in a 12 man redraft league

Travis Etienne

Ken walker

Some slight advantage being able to carry them forward as a keeper setting but overall I’d like your take on ROS.

JT is horrible RN. Is it his OLine or game script or coach or what? And he still has a bye wk 14. Thoughts?

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PPR average over the last 3 games:
ETN: 19.0
Walker: 21.0
JT: 8.1

Taylor is hardly startable, while ETN and Walker are absolute studs. If I had any of them, I’d ask for a lot on top of JT to consider that trade.

OTOH, as the JT owner, it doesn’t hurt reaching out. There’s always team owners who value big names more than current production.

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The Colts Oline is simply not as good as it was last year. I can’t answer why.

What I can say is Taylor’s running style is VERY dependent on getting blocks. He isn’t a Barry Sanders who can run around people, or a Derrick Henry who can run over people. Kenny Walker impressed me more yesterday than Taylor ever has. Sure, Taylor can run in the open field. His problem is getting there.

The fact the Colts lost to Washington yesterday speaks volumes. This is going to be a rough year for the Colts and JT.