Edmonds, Renfrow or Thielen

Doing a PPR, 2 RB, 3 WR and Flex email draft and I’m 3 picks away. I need a flex at the 6.8 pick and I’m debating between Dobbins, Edmonds, Renfrow or Theilen. Whichever one I take, the other 2 most likely won’t make it back to me according to my league’s ADP. Who would you go with? (I already have Cook and Kamara at RB, with AJ Brown, B. Cooks, and Godwin at WR…I think Godwin will start season and will be close to form around week 4, but i know it’s a risk)

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I think you go Renfrow, who somewhat surprisingly finished the 2021 season as the WR10 in PPR scoring.

Now, he probly won’t maintain that share, but he’s still worth starting as a WR3 while you’re waiting for Godwin to get back up to speed–and probably flexworthy thereafter.

Look to get Cordarrelle Patterson in another couple of rounds; people forget he was a top 10 PPR RB last season as well.

As a Raider fan, I can honestly tell you Renfrow is one of the most underestimated WR’s in the NFL.

This isn’t just me as a fan saying this:

I expect Renfrow will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Davante Adams arrival.

Excellent advice, I appreciate it!

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That’s the second vote for Renfrow I’ve got. I’ll target him with my next pick. Thanks for the input!!

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