Aaron jones/Brandin Cooks for Tyreek Hill/Josh Jacobs

Would you guys make this trade? I currently have Aaron Jones, Dalvin Cook Dk metcalf and Brandin Cooks on my team (michael thomas on IR) and Mike Davis as my flex Would you guys take that trade for Tyreek and Jacobs? 12 man league PPR ESPN. Thanks

Not if they were the last fantasy team on Earth.

I wouldn’t.
After Monday I would hope you would get the farm for jones, dont settle. Tyreek and Metcalf make for a great WR group (esp with MT coming back week 8), but you have 2 GREAT RB’s atm, dont squander them. Add in Jacobs being hurt, no deal.

Thank you for the opinions! Yea I was hard pressed to trade AJ after the lions game. His value sky rocketed.

Yea the trade wouldn’t go through until Tuesday as cooks is playing tonight. So I was hoping Jacobs would be healthy week 4. But yea. Dalvin and Jones make a great 1-2 rb combo

No, don’t make this trade.

Ok ok. Well was just offered by someone else now from
Me Aaron Jones, Brandin cooks and George kittle for zeke, Keenan Allen and Kyle pitts. These trades are coming in now lol