Need help on Trade involving my 1st round pick

12 team ppr
Qb: fields and stafford
RB: Ekeler, Achane, Breece hall, Zeke, T Spears, Lat Murray
WR Ridley, Davante, Waddle, and downs
TE Hock

Incoming: Bijan and Jeudy
Outgoing Ekeler and Ridley

I think you should stay where your at. I know your disappointed with Ecklers production but he should turn it around especially this week. Bijan is good but he fights for touches with Allgier and Eckler doesnt he has kelly but he comes in when he needs a breather. Ridley I don’t know, he’s been disappointing. I have him in one of my leagues and planning on just putting him on the bench for now. I mean he’s on the field almost every play and better offence than Juedy(I like juedy but he just on bad offence).

I am taking that deal easily.