Anotehr trade question, sorry!

Supeflex 10 team PPR

My RBs: Chubb, Brian Robinson, D Cook, Perine, Bigsby

My WRs: AJ Brown, Lockett, DJ Moore, Dotson, Cooks

My initial trade was:

I give Brandin Cooks/Perine I get Mattison.

Bad on paper but some appealing waiver guys I want and I have to drop someone to get them. Team I am trading to Lost Kupp and Watson and has 3 other starters questionable.

Am I over valuing Mattison?

I will be happy to advise but not to co-manage. You need to narrow it all down to a question.

LOL, sorry. Get too excited about this stuff.

Are you comfy with the Cooks/Perine for Mattison trade w/ a waiver add, or do you rank Mattison so similar to my two I should just keep depth.

Yes you do :slight_smile: Make the deal and put the trades to bed until after we see some actual play. I can analyze all I want but teams lie and make different moves, such as Gibbs which no one saw coming. Time to wait for more input.

Yeah. thanks again!

So early yet

Well, not “no one,” but then some people just aren’t looking.

Good deal for you.

Yeah I like B-Rob Jr this week but worry when Commanders get behind, gibson time. I 'trust" Mattison a little more because the O should be better.

All that for nothing, LOL. trade was rejected.

It was agreed in principal but the team has two managers and one wanted to wait.

Sorry I wasted everyone’s time but I would like to think maybe it’s fate and Cooks and Perine will ball out all year!