Saints or Chargers DST?

Saints or Chargers DST for week 3 and maybe ROS??

Chargers D looks pretty stout; I’d consider them as a permanent solution.

I cut Curtis Samuel to add the Chargers D before KC as I did not want them that week but love them the next few.

They say Jax gives up one of the fewest amount of points to D’s. However, that was vs Wash and Indy. They ain’t seen nothing like this star studded elite D who is pissed after losing to KC and had 10 days to think about it.

I like LAC too…just concerned about their run defense…

They don’t give points for a run stop, they do for sacks and picks.

correct…but in our espn league we lose points for yardage and points scored

Then go with your gut and the Saints.

yeah its a tough call…saints play on the road @ Car and LAC plays at home.
so I am tempted to play the home team …

Talk to me Monday and we shall see.